For investors, We provide turn-key services to help protect and maximize your valuable assets. We can help eliminate the stress and worry that often comes with rental property ownership with services that minimize your involvement in leasing, management and maintenance. 



Market Analysis

With more than 25 years of experience in property management, we are qualified to assess your property to determine its highest rental value. At our initial meeting, we'll inspect the property and make recommendations for upgrades and repairs that make sense for your investment.  We provide effective marketing
to ensure your property is leased as quickly as possible, advertising is placed on our website, real-estate websites, social media sites and a signage is placed on the property. We maintain excellent contacts with local realtors who often have clients looking to lease instead of buy, local military base housing coordinators, and real estate websites. 

Resident Background Checks

Prospective residents submitted for owner approval have been thoroughly investigated by Home Leasing & Management. We check each applicant's background, including credit, employment, criminal, and financial status. In addition, we contact current and past landlords, employers, and personal references for verification information. We're committed to getting the best quality resident for your property.

Property Inspections

To protect the owner's investment, we arrange inspections of the property before and after the resident moves in. Periodic inspections, both interior and exterior, are made throughout occupancy so that we do not rely on resident requests to effect routine maintenance. We maintain a complete digital photographic record of the property along with written reports.


Maintenance and Repairs

We do not employ an in-house maintenance staff, opting instead to utilize specialized service personnel whose hourly rates reflect the scope and technical difficulty of the work being performed. Estimates are obtained and presented for owner approval on most repairs. We do not mark-up maintenance and repair invoices, and will provide owners with copies of actual invoices and proof of vendor payment. 

Repair work is coordinated to present as little inconvenience as possible to the property residents. We schedule routine maintenance well in advance and maintain an established relationship with our regular service personnel so that "emergency" calls will be handled in a prompt and expedient manner. Many maintenance and repair issues are handled by phone, with no expense to owners.

When appropriate, we recommend renovation projects to help increase the property's value and protect the owner's investment.

Negotiating Lease Rates

Rental rates are negotiated to the highest possible level depending on market conditions, quality of the resident, length of leases, type of property, and the time of year. Setting proper rental rates and maintaining a strong marketing effort has allowed us to exceed a 95% occupancy rate!

Preparing a Lease

Home Leasing & Management will prepare a lease agreement that will include all addendums and disclosures required by law in order to properly secure your resident prior to occupancy. Our contracts are designed to protect the owner. 

Rents and Deposits

Rents are sent or deposited to the property owner in a timely manner – typically between the 5th to the 15th of each month. A maintenance and repair reserve in the amount of $100 per owner is held in a trust for ordinary maintenance expenses. Security and pet deposits are also maintained in a separate Home Leasing & Management trust account.

Monthly Reports

A computer-generated Cash Flow report is prepared each month with that month's proceeds and copies of all bills for which funds were expended.

Year End Statement

An annual end-of-year accounting is provided to each property owner for tax reporting. This statement will categorize all income and expenses throughout the previous year. Property owners should check with their accountant to verify the tax advantages when owning rental property. 

Home Leasing & Management is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers. Visit for details.

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